Culinary Arts Meeting Reports

February 2020 Culinary Arts Lunch Celebrates Citrus

By Victoria Brown | February 16, 2020

A total of 26 women gathered at two homes on Feb. 13 to explore the interesting world of cooking with a variety of citrus fruits. Host homes were Viki Brown and Nancy with Sharyn Close and Liz Crossman serving as co-hosts. The hosts had selected a total of 10 recipes featuring citrus that were assigned… Read More.

October 2019 Culinary arts Lunch is a Southern Celebration

By Victoria Brown | October 19, 2019

24 wonderful cooks gathered at two homes on October 10 to savor a lunch featuring fine Southern Cuisine and to learn some history of cooking influences in that area. Linda Haynsworth-Kruger and Susan Watson planned the menu, selected the recipes and hosted a group of 12 at Linda’s home. Joyce Lingren and Viki Brown coordinated… Read More.

August 2019 Culinary Arts Group Savors a “Marvelous Mediterranean” Menu

By Victoria Brown | September 1, 2019

18 great cooks joined in the Culinary Arts luncheon for August, 2019. The participants were divided between two homes to keep the numbers manageable. Virginia Felker and Gerene Leffingwell hosted at Virginia's home and Maxine Williams and Sharyn Close hosted at Maxine's home. The weather was beautiful and allowed lunch to be served in Maxine's… Read More.

June 2019 “Dishes up Oregon”

By Victoria Brown | June 25, 2019

This was the first time that Culinary Arts hosted a lunch at two different homes to accomodate our growing group numbers. The menu was identical at each lunch and eleven people attended at each home. Janice Kabel and Jackie O’Neil co-hosted at Janice’s home and Viki Brown and Linda Haynsworth-Kruger co-hosted at Viki’s home. Several… Read More.

Middle Eastern Feast Enjoyed at April Culinary Arts Lunch

By Victoria Brown | May 2, 2019

15 members gathered at the home of Pat Wittman to explore the exotic delight of middle eastern cooking. Ashley Jensen served as co-hostess and provided the commentary as each dish was introduced. From hummus to saffron rice pudding, we sampled dishes for every meal course from recipes which had been carefully selected by Pat and… Read More.

February 2019 Culinary Arts Group Celebrates Isabel’s Cantina

By Victoria Brown | February 14, 2019

17 creative women joined in a festive celebration of the bold and varied flavors of Latin food at the Culinary Arts lunch held at Viki Brown's home on Feb. 7 which was decorated with bright Latin colors. Sue Tschohl served as co-hostess. The women who attended each prepared a recipe for a part of the… Read More.

October 2018 Culinary Arts Group Explores Appetizers

By Victoria Brown | October 16, 2018

Fourteen members gathered together at the home of Gerene Leffingwell to share a wide variety of appetizers that each guest prepared at home and brought to share with the group. As we enjoyed sampling the many dishes, each cook described the ingredients and preparation methods for her recipe. Yummy appetizers from "Thai Turkey and Brown… Read More.

August, 2018 Culinary Arts luncheon features “fresh food”

By Victoria Brown | August 14, 2018

13 wonderful home cooks gathered at the home of Carolyn Hein on Aug. 9 to share and sample a variety of dishes featuring fresh food products available in the Rogue Valley. Jan Griffin served as our gracious co-hostess. Brilliant red raspberries and strawberries topping a dark green spinach salad and an array of colorful vegetables… Read More.

June Culinary Arts is a “Saucy” lunch

By Victoria Brown | June 20, 2018

Eleven ladies met at the home of Janice Kabel to share foods prepared from recipes selected from "America's Test Kitchen: Just Add Sauce": cookbook. Co-hostesses Joan Devlin and Janice Kabel selected recipes to cover all meal courses from appetizers through desserts and each guest brought the dish that they had prepared at home from their… Read More.

Culinary Arts Group Explores Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker Recipes at April Event

By Victoria Brown | April 20, 2018

A group of 12 ladies gathered at the home of Virginia Felker to sample dishes prepared in either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker. Maxine Williams served as co-hostess. Each participant prepared a dish at home to share with the group based on a recipe selected by Virginia and Maxine. All meal course were… Read More.

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