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Sunshine will send cards to members who are ill, or have lost a member of their family. They also will send encouragement or thinking of you cards to members that might need them. In case of a death of a member, they will be in charge of sending flowers/plant/donation to a favorite charity. The important thing is to call one of them so they know what needs to be done. Sunshine also has a list of volunteers that will organize food or whatever help is needed for a member, such as food for a death in the family, when member is home from the hospital or when a member can’t get around (hip surgery, knee . . . ), transportation to appointments, etc. They will find someone to be the contact person for each instance.

Sunshine Activity for December, January and February

By Maxine Williams | February 23, 2018

Tolmie's-Thinking of you and sympathy Grossman's-Sympathy cards Schanck's-Sympathy Margy Nicholson-Get well Ann Bunt-Get well Bill Frazee-sympathy-former member Mary Firman Diane Sproat-thinking of you More information is included in private section below. Log in to see that if interested.

2017-Sunshine Cards and Meals sent since August 31

By Maxine Williams | October 23, 2017

Sunshine has been busy these last few months. Thinking okf you cards have been sent to Jenn Ashton, Ida and Bruce Tolmie, Bob McIntyre, Russell Noble, Deanna Ritchie, Carol Fisher, Jan Moll, Diane Sproat, Lynn Baker, and Sue and Roger King. Sympathy card went to the Family of Steve Clark. Meals have been organized and… Read More.

Cards sent since October, 2015

By Maxine Williams | December 7, 2015

Thinking of you cards were sent to Mary Firman(10-22), Jan Griffin(10-26), Meridel and Dan Hedges(11-3), and Barbara Favero(11-11). Sympathy cards were sent to Debbie Higgins(11-20), Connie and Bernard Quiring(11-30). Please go to the website and login to see private member-only information.

Cards sent

By Eagle Point Women's Club | February 17, 2015

Thinking of you and get well cards have been sent to Kathy McCullar, Martha Nilson, Phyllis Fletcher and Debbie Russell. Sympathy cards have been sent to Jan Griffin and Linda O’Neal. Please log on to view private member-only information about the cards sent.

Sunshine Report for November and December

By Eagle Point Women's Club | January 9, 2015

Thinking of you cards: Diane Giles, Sue Tschol, Gayle Schanck, and Wilma Hamilton Sympathy cards: Ida and Bruce Tolmie and D. J. Johnson Please go to the website and login in to review private member-only information

Sunshine Cards sent Summer 2014

By Eagle Point Women's Club | August 20, 2014

Thinking of you cards were sent on June 20 to Betty Harrison, June 27 to Madelon Cahill, July 7 to Linda Greenstone, July 10 to Allene Kehoe, July 29 to Carol Kuehnert. Sympathy cards were sent August 15 to Margy Nickelson, August 18 to Vickie King, and to Sally Plummer. Please go to the website… Read More.

Cards sent in January

By Eagle Point Women's Club | February 4, 2014

Sunshine sent Thinking of You cards to Meridel and Dan Hedges, and Dorothy Swain. A Sympathy card was sent to the Hines Family. Private information is below for members only to view.

December Sunshine Additions

By Eagle Point Women's Club | January 5, 2014

In December cards were sent to Beth Hines, Marilyn Rebal, Lydia Davidson, Marcia Liekkio, Kathryn Tanake, Marty Huntand Priscilla Shute, all to cheer them up. Private information is below, but you have to be a member and sign in to read it.

Sunshine News for October 2013

By Eagle Point Women's Club | November 20, 2013

For details on who needed Sunshine this past month, you will need to be logged in.  Once logged in, click on the title, i.e., Sunshine News for October 2013.  You can then see the complete details.

Sunshine News for August and September 2013

By Eagle Point Women's Club | October 1, 2013

Please look at the Activity Group tab at the top of the home page.  Click on the drop down menu for Sunshine for the Sunshine news of our members.  Or click on “READ MORE” below.  You must be logged in to get the complete report.

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