Piecemakers Quilting Group

Piecemakers Quilting Group Stories

Sue's rope bowls - great job Sue!

Piecemakers August 2, 2023 Meeting Report

Cheers to mimosas & rope bowls!

Piecemakers July 5, 2023 Meeting Report


Piecemakers Display their quilts at Eagle Point Library for the month of July

Rosenelle is in the machine quilting part of her avatar's background.  Isn't she cute?

Piecemakers May 3, 2023 Meeting Report

Linda has started her face.

April 5, 2023 Piecemakers Monthly Report

Rosenelle, Kelly & Sue show off their pencil cases.

Piecemakers March 2023 Monthly Meeting Report

Here we are working away.

Piecemakers February 2023 Report


January 4, 2023 Piecemakers Monthly Meetimg Report


December 7, 2022 Piecemakers Monthly Report


Piecemakers Quilt Group October 5, 2022 Meeting

The green fabric turned orange.

Piecemakers Quilt Group, September 7, 2022 Report

Linda's cute carrot bags.

Piecemakers April 6, 2022 Meeting

Kelly is showing off some of her quilts that she has been practicing machine quilting with her longarm machine.

Piecemakers March 2, 2022 Meeting

The group showing off their first birds.

Piecemakers February 11, 2022 Meeting


Piecemakers’ January 5, 2022


Piecemakers December 1, 2021 Meeting


Piecemakers’ October 6, 2021 Meeting Report

The group

September 1, 2021 – Piecemakers Meeting – Zoom

Terry's new bag

Piecemakers July 7, 2021 Meeting Report

Linda's lovely new awning

Piecemakers June 2, 2021 Meeting Report

French Rose blocks

Piecemakers May 5, 2021 Meeting Report

Bon Appetit

Piecemakers April 6, 2021 Meeting Report

Rosenelle's embroidered wall hanging

Piecemakers March 3, 2021 Meeting Report

Linda's "Sparkle like you mean it" bag

Piecemakers February 3, 2021 Zoom Meeting


Piecemakers January 6, 2021 Zoom Meeting


Piecemakers December 2, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Linda's Kimberbell Christmas Embroidery projects (all done "in the hoop")

November 4, 2020 Piecemakers meeting at Rosenelle’s


October 2020 Piecemakers meetings report

Terry's blouse project

September 2, 2020 Piecemakers’ September Meeting Report

Sue is showing off her label on the back.  Good job, Sue!

August 19, 2020 – Piecemakers had a lovely meeting on Rosenelle’s patio