Ladies Potluck

Ladies Potluck Stories


Ladies 3-13 Christmas Gathering


Hawaiian Ladies Potluck

Enjoying the warm evening on the patio with friends & cards

Ladies 3-13 Potluck May Gathering

Ladies Potluck group August 2018

Ladies Potluck Group Rolls On


Ladies Potluck Farewell


December Ladies Potluck & 3-13


Ladies potluck “housewarm” Linda Sparks’ place


Ladies Potluck & 3-13

bald eagle in nature during fall

Ladies Potluck April Hostess Change

21 ladies for 3 -13 and potluck @ Maxine Williams

January 2014 3- 13 and Potluck

Christmas at Cindy Parrotts house

December 2013 Ladies 3 13 and Potluck

Brenda Cloney, Aleli Lawson, Joan Devlin, Connie Quiring and Joyce Todd

Nov 9th, 2013 Ladies Pot Luck and 313 cards at the home of Betsy Hase

bald eagle in nature during fall

Host Change for November Ladies 313


Sept 14, 2013 Ladies Pot Luck and 313 card game at Aleli Lawson’s home.

Terry Sheldon, Brenda & Shannon Cloney, Annette Foster, Ida Tolmie and Maxine Williams

Ladies 313 at Joan Devlin’s on June 8, 2013