Couples 313 Card Game/Potluck

About Couples 313 Card Game/Potluck

Chair: Sandi Smith and Susan Smith- co-chairs


Regular Schedule: 3rd Saturday of the month (except December) at 6:00 pm

This group meets monthly (except December) in member-host homes on the 3rd Saturday at 6:00 pm. A potluck dinner is shared and the group plays the card game: 313. There is a 5.00 per person fee which is distributed as prizes for winners in the card game. Attendance is by invitation from the group coordinator to the activity group e-mail list. This activity group is open to members and their spouses/partners.

Couples 313 Card Game/Potluck Stories


Couples 313 Has Fun with a St. Patrick’s Day theme


St Patty’s Day Themed Couples 3-13


Win or Lose, Couples 313 is Always a Good Time

bald eagle in nature during fall

Couples 313 Going Strong in 2024

Group at Teresa & Charlie Allen’s home

November 2023 Couples 3-13

Winners at the Watsons

October 2023 Couples 3-13

Winners at the Todds

September 2023 Couples 3-13


August 2023 Couples 3-13


May 2023 Couples 3-13


February 2023 Couples 3-13


October 2022 Couples 3-13

2022 Couples 3-13 at Susan Smith’s home

September 2022 Couples 3-13

Couples 3-13 gathering at the Nichol’s home

August 2022 Couples 3-13

Couples 3-13 group at the Harter’s home

June 2022 Couples 3-13


May 21, 2022


May Couples 3-13


A Return to Couples 3-13 in April 2022

bald eagle in nature during fall

Couples Potluck and 3-13

Julie, Bernie, Leroy, Dennis, Teresa and Gayle

June 19th 2021 Couples Pot luck, and 313 cards


January 2020 Couples Potluck

Halloween Appetizers

Couples Group ended the year with Halloween and Fall themed parties

bald eagle in nature during fall

Couples Group had a remarkable 2019. Looking forward to an even better 2020.

Couples 3-13 Potluck at Kristine and Martin Frey's House - The Winners and Steve!

Couples 3-13 Potluck – September 21, 2019

Couples 3-13 Potluck at Susan & Bill Watson's House

Couples 3-13 Potluck – August 17, 2019

Couples 3-13 Potluck at Joyce & Chuck Todd's House

Couples 3-13 Potluck – July


June through August brought many Couples together for terrific evenings of enjoyment.


March through May photos of Couples Group Pot Luck and 313 Cards


Couples 313 Group for January & February 2018


Couples February, March & April 2017


Couples Group hostess for January 21, 2017 were Sharyn Close, Diane Sproat & Maxine Williams