Culinary Arts

About Culinary Arts

Chair: Viki Brown

The world of culinary arts is about sharing and enjoying the common experience of food preparation and scrumptious meals.

The Culinary Arts interest group explores many facets of the food world. This group provides an opportunity to learn, to create, and to inspire.

In the past we have considered the history of food, food preparation styles, food sources, the variety of dishes and foods from different cultures and the skills that food preparers use to create special dishes.

We explore the world of foods in three different ways:

  • Food exploration events that are hands on demonstration events. Examples would be making tamales, or crepes or pasta.
  • Food exploration events that are research based to a specific topic such as the history of teas, or salt.
  • A dining experience using the recipes of a distinguished Chef /cook book author who has made a notable contribution to the culinary arts field.

Steps needed to host an event:

  • Choose your topic, decide what presentation style to use, invite a co-host to assist.
  • Select a date (2nd Thursday, even months), a time and place.
  • Work out details with the co-host such as who accepts the RSVP's, who makes the handouts, etc.
  • Consider the space/facilities needed for your presentation. If a cost is for your event is involved, include the amount in the email notice.
  • Send an informational email invitation to EPWC members who are interested in the Culinary Arts events. Include a cut-off date and a request for an RSVP .
  • Send event information to Betsy Hase so she can prepare a clipboard sign-up page for the luncheon.
  • Take several photos during your event that can be sent, with the event write-up, to EPWC web page.

Culinary Arts Stories


Culinary Arts Group Together Again After 17 months

Table at Viki's

February 2020 Culinary Arts Lunch Celebrates Citrus


October 2019 Culinary arts Lunch is a Southern Celebration

Virginia and Gerene- tow of our hostesses

August 2019 Culinary Arts Group Savors a “Marvelous Mediterranean” Menu

Table setting at Viki's home

June 2019 “Dishes up Oregon”

Pat and Ashley, our hostesses

Middle Eastern Feast Enjoyed at April Culinary Arts Lunch

The cookbook

February 2019 Culinary Arts Group Celebrates Isabel’s Cantina

bald eagle in nature during fall

Culinary Arts Planning Meeting


October 2018 Culinary Arts Group Explores Appetizers

Brigitte Lemmerman's beautiful salad

August, 2018 Culinary Arts luncheon features “fresh food”

Janice Kabel and Joan Devlin- our amazing co-hostesses

June Culinary Arts is a “Saucy” lunch

Our wonderful hostesses, Maxine Williams and Virginia Felker

Culinary Arts Group Explores Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker Recipes at April Event

A plate of California roll with poached salmon and avocado

February Culinary Arts Sushi Production Party

Yummy appetizers

Culinary Arts Group Samples the Cuisine of Greece for June Event

Some of the goodies

Culinary Arts Group Teamed Up to Make Condiments

Joan Devlin and Janice Kabel- our wonderful hostesses.

Culinary Arts Group Enjoys the Tastes of Ireland

Linda and Besty, our super co-hostesses standing behind their spiralizers

Ready, Set. Spiralize at the April Culinary Arts luncheon

Susan Watson, hostess, gives us some background on Sicilian cooking.

Culinary Arts Group takes a gastronomic tour of Sicily

Maxine Williams, Virginia Felker and Sue Tschohl checking out some of the cookbooks selected for 2017.

Culinary Arts Group Completes Planning for 2017

bald eagle in nature during fall

2017 Planning Meeting for Culinary Arts Scheduled for Dec. 8, 2016

A warm welcome to guests.

Culinary Arts Group Savors Spanish Tapas

Hostess, Joan Devlin sporting her mother's white gloves and a big smile.

July 2016 Culinary Arts Enjoys a Fine English Tea Party

The table before we made a mess of it.

April 2016 Women’s Culinary Arts Group Event

Maxine Williams (hostess), Janice Kabel, Jan Griffin, Dawn Iuliano

January 2016 Culinary Arts- More Pictures

Our beautiful table setting

January 2016 Culinary Arts Explores Cookbook Author Barbara Kafta

Cover of the cookbook

Culinary Arts Group Takes a Taste Tour of Italy

bald eagle in nature during fall

September Culinary meeting

Cucumber/dill salad provided by Joan Devlin in her special crystal bowl

Culinary Arts Group takes a taste tour of Germany

bald eagle in nature during fall

German Culinary Event!


April, 2015 Culinary Group takes a taste tour of China