Gerene Leffingwell

Hiking Group at Bandersnatch Trail June, 2021

By Gerene Leffingwell | February 9, 2022

Six hikers enjoyed a 4-mile hike on the Bandersnatch Trail in the Ashland Woodlands June 18, 2021. Highlights were viewing the artwork along the way. The trail was rated moderately difficult, so we had a good workout and were ready to enjoy lunch outdoors on the Plaza afterwards.

Hiking at Forest Park May, 2021

By Gerene Leffingwell | February 9, 2022

Forest Park, located just a short distance past Jacksonville on Reservoir Road, was the destination of our hike May 21, 2021. A small group of five hiked a 3.5 loop trail along the creek with several small waterfalls and through forests with several viewpoints along the way. Two highlights were viewing Henderson's Triteleia and Ground […]

Hiking Group Enjoy Jacksonville Woodlands April 2021

By Gerene Leffingwell | February 9, 2022

Eight hikers enjoyed the exercise, wildflowers, and camaraderie while hiking several trails in Jacksonville Woodlands April 16, 2021. Since we haven't hiked very often during Covid, we had a workout on some of the steeper inclines. The red Fritillaria and lavender Shooting Stars were among the wildflowers viewed during our hike.

January 2022 Culinary Arts Features A Table Without Borders

By Gerene Leffingwell | January 24, 2022

11 ladies gathered at the home of Viki Brown for the first Culinary Arts gathering of 2022. Linda Haynsworth-Krueger served as co-host and we sampled a wide variety of dishes from the Middle East and Africa. The featured cookbook was "The Table Without Borders: Recipes from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs". We learned about a variety […]

Hikers Enjoy Crater Lake August 2019

By Gerene Leffingwell | August 25, 2019

Clear blue skies, panoramic views of Crater Lake, and camaraderie were enjoyed by 10 ladies on August 16 as they hiked to the top of Watchman Peak. After soaking in the amazing beauty of the lake and having a picnic lunch at the top, the drive to East Rim to view the Pinnacles was also […]

June hike change

By Gerene Leffingwell | June 17, 2019

Martha Roy will be leading the hike this Friday, June 21. Instead of the Jack-Ash trail, the group will hike to Takelma Gorge along the Rogue River. If interested, please contact Martha at 541-831-1543.


By Gerene Leffingwell | April 11, 2019

Due to all of the recent rain, we will hike at Lower Table Rock on Friday, April 19 instead of Waters Creek Trail as previously scheduled. We will meet at Harnish Visitor Center at 9:00 a.m. to carpool to the trailhead and plan to have a picnic sack lunch at the top if weather cooperates.

Hiking at Rainie Falls June 2018

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 9, 2018

Nine of us were surrounded by the beauty of the “mighty Rogue” and the camaraderie of friends as we hiked to Rainie Falls June 15, 2018. It was relaxing to enjoy our lunch as numerous groups went through the falls on rafts and kayaks.

Hike changed for July 2018

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 9, 2018

We will not be hiking the Boundary Springs Trail in July due to heavy damage from forest fires. Instead, we will hike the Muir Creek Trail on July 20.

Hikers at Hobart Bluff May 2018

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 7, 2018

Seven ladies enjoyed a beautiful day and plentiful wildflowers while hiking about 3 miles on the PCT to Hobart Bluff. We had our lunch at the summit where the views were magnificent!

Hikers at Forest Park March 2018

By Gerene Leffingwell | April 28, 2018

The chilly temperatures didn't stop five enthusiastic hikers from enjoying a 5.5-mile hike at Forest Park March 16. We did a moderate steady climb on the Siskiyou Trail and completed the loop on the Old Miners Trail. Although there were threatening clouds, there was no rain and early Spring wildflowers along the path. Our voracious […]

Location Change for Hike April 20, 2018

By Gerene Leffingwell | April 12, 2018

We have decided that the Hiking Group will not be going to Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife area in April. Apparently, it would be too muddy for our group this time of year. Instead we will be hiking the new East Applegate Ridge Trail outside of Jacksonville Friday, April 20. Susan Watson said the hike is relatively […]

Hiking at Forest Park October, 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | October 26, 2017

Rain didn't stop five of us from hiking last Friday, Oct. 20 at Forest Park. We began on a moderate steady climb on the Siskiyou Trail and completed the loop on the Rail Trail, where we viewed a replica railroad trestle at the site of the 1916 train wreck. Even though the rain didn't let […]

Hikers at Grizzly Peak September 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | September 21, 2017

September 15, eight women took advantage of a day of healthy air and hiked to the 5922-ft. summit of Grizzly Peak above Mt. Ashland. The haze hid some of the distant peaks, but we still had great views, exchanged lots of stories, and successfully negotiated a right-of-way with a herd of cows on the way […]

Hikers on PCT August, 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | August 23, 2017

Fourteen of us dodged the smoke in the valley on Friday, August 18 when we hiked over six miles through forests on the PCT starting at the Pederson Snopark trailhead. We met 10-12 thru hikers on their way to Canada who were delighted to receive some fruit, veggies, and candy bars that we shared. We […]

Hikers on PCT July 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 29, 2017

Twelve of us had a fun day while hiking 4-4.5 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail at Grouse Gap Trailhead on Friday, July 21st. We had spectacular views of Mt. Shasta, Marble Mountains, and Trinity Alps with an abundance of wildflowers in the meadows. A highlight was visiting with several thru hikers who had started […]

June 2017 at Takelma Gorge

By Gerene Leffingwell | June 22, 2017

Eleven energetic hikers enjoyed the beauty of the mighty Rogue last Friday, June 16. Our 5-mile trek began at Woodruff Bridge along the banks of the Rogue River through a forest of tall Douglas fir and multiple wildflowers, including white starflower, blue bells of twinflower, white anemone, and Oregon grape. After 1.6 miles, the river […]

Hikers at Cathedral Hills May 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | June 1, 2017

Seven of us enjoyed perfect weather while hiking about 5 miles at Cathedral Hills Trails outside of Grants Pass. We hiked a scenic loop trail through a forest of Douglas fir, oak, ponderosa pine, madrone, and manzanita. Wildflowers and poison oak were plentiful. We relaxed with great conversation while eating our sack lunch.

April 2017 at Forest Park Trails

By Gerene Leffingwell | May 8, 2017

Plenty of sunshine, awesome scenery, exercise, and friendship were enjoyed by seven hikers on Friday, April 21 while hiking trails in Forest Park. A combination of trails, including Canyon Falls, Canyon Vista, Naverson, and Ridgeview, gave us about 5 miles of hiking along a creek with waterfalls over granite bedrock, through wooded forests with viewpoints, […]

Hikers at Ashland Woodlands March 2017

By Gerene Leffingwell | March 22, 2017

A chance of rain in the forecast didn't discourage twelve of us who hiked trails in the upper Ashland Woodlands Friday, March 17. We hiked the White Rabbit Trail to Caterpillar Trail and joined the Lewis Loop Trail, which was a new addition in 2016. Our group enjoyed the scenery, camaraderie, and exercise on moderately […]

February 2017 at Lost Creek Lake

By Gerene Leffingwell | March 22, 2017

Twelve of us carpooled to the Lewis Road Trailhead Friday, February 17 where we hiked about five miles to the Grotto. We found the trail to be muddy in some areas, but the views at the grotto made it totally worth it. The grotto features rock cliffs forming walls of a small box canyon with […]

Hikers enjoy Deadfall Lakes Sept. 2016

By Gerene Leffingwell | September 21, 2016

Seven adventurous hikers enjoyed sunshine, breathtaking views, and camaraderie while hiking 5-6 miles on the PCT to the Lower and Middle Deadfall Lakes. Deadfall Lakes are located in the Klamath Mountains below Mt. Eddy about 15 miles west of Weed. There were views of the jagged Trinity Alps in the distance. The middle lake was […]

Hikers Enjoy South Fork Rogue River July, 2016.

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 23, 2016

The South Fork Rogue River was our destination on Friday, July 15 as eight of us enjoyed exercise and camaraderie during our 5-mile hike along the upper section of the trail. The most challenging part of the hike was crossing numerous logs along the trail. We found a perfect place along the river for our […]

June, 2016 Hikers at Applegate Lake

By Gerene Leffingwell | July 23, 2016

Eight of us enjoyed a pleasant day hiking about 5 1/2 miles on trails near Applegate Lake on June 17, 2016. Starting at Swayne Viewpoint, we hiked along the lake to Hartish Park and then connected with Grouse Loop Trail, which was a moderately challenging loop with views of Applegate Lake through a shady conifer […]

Hikers enjoy Illinois Valley May 2016.

By Gerene Leffingwell | May 30, 2016

Nine hikers enjoyed hiking 6-6.5 miles in the Illinois Valley May 20th. Thanks to Susan Watson scouting the area, we hiked the Jeffery Pine Loop which connected to the Little Falls Trail that descended to the Illinois River. Afterwards, we did the boardwalk interpretive trail which featured the Darlingtonia (pitcher plant) as well as mountain […]

April, 2016 Hikers at Silver Falls/Oregon Gardens

By Gerene Leffingwell | April 29, 2016

Thirteen ladies from the hiking group had a fun 2-day trip to Oregon Gardens and Silver Falls State Park on April 14-15. Our plan was to hike on Thursday; but due to inclement weather (cold, wind, and rain), we went to Oregon Gardens Resort after lunch. During a guided tram tour, we learned about various […]

Hiking Group Snowshoes March 2016

By Gerene Leffingwell | March 30, 2016

Ranger Ashley led a group of 21 on a guided showshoeing walk at Crater Lake March 19, 2016. It was a new adventure for many as they walked a moderately strenuous terrain through forests and meadows along the rim of the caldera. Everyone enjoyed the winter wonderland on a perfect day while learning about the […]

Hikers at Pilot Rock Oct. 2015

By Gerene Leffingwell | October 28, 2015

Eight happy hikers enjoyed spectacular scenery while hiking the newly improved trail to Pilot Rock Friday, October 16. Because of a BLM Grant, the Siskiyou Mt. Club trail crew recently added switchbacks to the trail to make it less hazardous to reach this landmark. We missed the panoramic view from the top, as it seemed […]

Hikers on PCT at Brown Mt. Lava Flow Sept. 2015

By Gerene Leffingwell | October 2, 2015

Six hikers enjoyed great conversation, perfect weather, and awesome scenery while hiking about six miles on the PCT at Brown Mt. Lava Flow on September 18, 2015. It was a perfect day to enjoy our lunch along the trail.

Hiking Group at Squaw Lake August 2015

By Gerene Leffingwell | September 1, 2015

Eight members of the hiking group escaped smoke in the valley and found clear blue skies at Fourmile Lake on August 21, 2015. They hiked six miles round trip through a forest of lodgepole pines and huckleberry bushes. Highlights were picnicking at beautiful Squaw Lake, hiking to the PCT, and observing the mossy trees near […]