Barbara Schmaltz

Artisans, March 2019

By Barbara Schmaltz | April 5, 2019

Artisan group met at Ida Tolmie’s home where we painted canvas tote bags. Some ladies used stamps, some used stencils and some painted free hand. They all did a wonderful job. Thanks Ida for hosting.

Artisans February 27th, 2019 enjoyed watercolor painting

By Barbara Schmaltz | March 1, 2019

The artisan group met at Barbara Schmaltz’s home and she showed five ladies how to watercolor a bird. It was the first lesson for several of the ladies and their birds turned out quite well. They want to do more…

Artisans October Project for 2018

By Barbara Schmaltz | October 25, 2018

This October project for Artisans was making felt Santas and mini sock snowmen. We met at Fran Morgan’s home and we thank her for hosting. Ten ladies sat down to create some cute original art.

Artisans, September 2018

By Barbara Schmaltz | October 4, 2018

Artisans meet at Janice Kabel’s home where we decorated pumpkins.

Artisans 10-26-2017

By Barbara Schmaltz | October 27, 2017

Artisans met on October 25th at Ida Tolmie’s home. Twelve ladies gathered around a table and had fun making mini snow babies. They turned out so cute, and we were amazed how different but adorable each snow baby became. Thanks Ida for hosting this fun project.

Artisans enjoyed jewelry making in March and April 2015

By Barbara Schmaltz | April 30, 2015

In March, 14 members of Artisans met at Martha Youngblood’s home where we worked on individual pieces of jewelry and showed new members how to begin a project. In April, seven ladies met at Ida Tolmie’s home. We finished up some projects and showed the ladies how to make a necklace out of dried potates […]

Artisans, 2015

By Barbara Schmaltz | January 30, 2015

The artisans group met on January 28th for a planning meeting. We worked out the projects for the whole year and we are excited to get our creative juices flowing. Come join us.

December 4th, 2014…artisans Christmas party

By Barbara Schmaltz | December 14, 2014

On December 4 th the Artisans group celebrated Christmas with a party hosted by Shirley Johnson in her beautifully decorated home. Everyone brought delicious food to share but we also brought new books for children to give to the Santa House in Eagle Point. It was a great party. Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas.

Artisans, August 27th, Painting Bird Houses

By Barbara Schmaltz | August 29, 2014

On Wednesday the -Artisans met at Marcia McIntyre’s home and nine attended. We painted fun bird houses which we will place in our gardens. Thanks to Marcia for hosting and serving us goodies as we painted and enjoyed each other’s company. Fun day!!!

July 23rd, 2014 Artisans prepare to paint bird houses

By Barbara Schmaltz | July 23, 2014

On July 23rd the artisans met at Fran Morgans home to paint bird houses. This project was to be outside but it rained….so six of us enjoyed talking while enjoying coffee cake and other goodies and just took the time to get to know each other better. Nice way to spend a rainy morning. We […]

June 25th, Artisans project making faux depression glass and mercury glass

By Barbara Schmaltz | July 23, 2014

On June 25th Artisans met at Maggie Horners home where eight of us created unique pieces of glass using clear glass and a special spray. Also glue and food coloring made beautiful depression glass look. It was a fun and rewarding project. thank you Maggie.

May 28th Artisans project

By Barbara Schmaltz | May 29, 2014

On Wednesday the 28 th Martha Youngblood hosted Mays Artisan project which was making wrap bracelets. Eleven of us gathered to make these very cool bracelets. Marcia McIntyre, and Carolyn Hein taught us this fun project. Thank you, girls.

April 2014 artisans created beautiful framed art

By Barbara Schmaltz | May 4, 2014

On April 23rd Artisans gathered at Carolyn Hein’s home and she showed 12 of us how to create beautiful art pieces by using stamps and embossing powders. These images were layered on other designer paper and framed. Everyone went home with two special and unique pieces of art. Thanks Carolyn for hosting and the great […]

Artisans March 26, 2014 We decorated eggs, baskets and wreaths.

By Barbara Schmaltz | March 27, 2014

Nine of us decorated eggs with tissue paper, glitter or material to create some beautiful eggs to help bring in the spirit of Spring and Easter . Thank you Janet Kabel for hosting. We had a good time and lots of laughter was shared.

February, 2014 Artisans project

By Barbara Schmaltz | March 3, 2014

Artisans met at Lorie Petersen’s home and our project was making tree jewelry. Twelve ladies showed up for this event and we had fun making jewelry for our trees. All the bead strands were different and beautiful. Thank you Lorie for hosting.

Artisans-October 23, 2013

By Barbara Schmaltz | October 23, 2013

We met today, October 23 at Janice Kabel’s home . We made holiday trees using styrofoam cones and a variety of items to decorate these cones. The outcome was surprising as we created 11 different trees…all clever and beautiful. Thank you everyone. Fun day.

Artisans decorate pumpkins

By Barbara Schmaltz | September 29, 2013

Artisans met on September 25th at Maureen Callaway’s home. Ten of us painted and decorated pumpkins on the patio while the rain tried to wash us away. It was a fun morning chatting while being creative. Thank you Maureen for hosting.

artisans, July 2013

By Barbara Schmaltz | July 27, 2013

The artisan group met at Allene kehoe’s home for a fun project. We made necklaces using metal washers that we decorated with interesting paper. Then we sprayed them, tied a cord on them and added charms and beads. Carolyn hein later showed us how to tie a special slip knot to finish our necklaces. Everyone […]