Debbie Tossie

Born in Indiana. Raised in Texas. Have lived in Alaska, California, Washington and now Oregon. One of 6 children, second to the oldest. All of my family still lives in Texas. I most enjoy my fur babies.

2016 Was A Fabulous Year!

By Debbie Tossie | February 4, 2017

The Ladies Night Out Bunco group experienced a whirlwind year in 2016! Lots of winners and lots of losers but who cares, with our game, even the losers WIN…. Right girls?!?!?! Our final hostess for 2016 was Kay Lund. Kay went over the "top" in decorating her home both inside and out!!! God Bless Her, […]

It was a Rocky-Tonk Good Time

By Debbie Tossie | December 5, 2016

Our joyful evening started out with what seemed to be a never ending array of appetizers. Our private bar was attended by a lovely bartender, who was super friendly and overly accommodating to our group. She later shared with me that our group was the BEST group she has ever served. Yay! The delicious appetizers […]

Classy Country Christmas Party-Update from the Board

By Debbie Tossie | November 20, 2016

Looking forward to having everyone join the fun and holiday festivites!!! Board reconsidered….Now for EVERYONE attending, your generous EPWC Board will be picking up the additional $5.00 per person. Individuals: $35.00 / Couples: $70.00 EPWC Classy Country Christmas Party will be held at 333 E Main in Medford. Adjacent FREE nights and weekend parking garage. […]

Ladies Night Out Bunco – Date Change for May 2016

By Debbie Tossie | May 13, 2016

REMINDER! Date change for May per members vote. Instead of our usual 3rd Thursday this month, we will be playing the 4th Thursday this month, May 26th, 6:30pm at Debbie Tossie’s home. If you are interested in joining our fun little group, please let me know by calling 541-944-5663 or email me at debbietossie@charter.net

2015 Festive Close for Rolling Ladies

By Debbie Tossie | January 22, 2016

The Ladies Night Out Bunco Group was very blessed in 2015 with wonderful hostesses who made every one of us who joined them in their respective homes feel extremely welcomed. It’s hard to believe we have been together for almost a year and a half. We had some folks who had to leave for health […]

Looking for 1 PERMANENT Replacement Player

By Debbie Tossie | May 11, 2015

Hello Ladies… We have a wonderful group of fun and feisty ladies who love the game of Bunco. We play the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Due to health and new family commitments, we have an opening within our group. We have 10 “Subs” but our “Subs” wish to remain such. So, […]

Ladies’ Bunco Night – August Recap

By Debbie Tossie | August 28, 2014

The Ladies Bunco Night activity “rolled” out with enormous chatter, joy and fun with the evening hosted by Wyn Lewis. Wyn truly out did herself by filling her kitchen bar full of mouth-watering and delicious snacks, beverages and not one but two different desserts! Thank you, Wyn on behalf of the ladies and me, you […]

Ladies Bunco Night (Kicks Off – August 21st: 6:30 p.m.) – for Fun and Friendship

By Debbie Tossie | July 14, 2014

We “officially” have 18 ladies who committed to play Ladies’ Bunco Night – for fun and friendship. Plus, we have 2 ladies who would like to “sub-in”. This is awesome! I’m very excited to see this group start up again, I hope we can keep it going. We have a lot of first-timers and I […]

Seven Feathers Day Trip – April 8

By Debbie Tossie | February 25, 2014

A day trip is planned to go to Seven Feathers on Tuesday, April 8th. We will meet at 8:15 a.m. at the Food for Less parking lot. The bus will depart at 8:30 a.m. We will arrive Seven Feathers at 10:00 a.m. We will depart Seven Feathers at 3:30 p.m. and arrive back into Medford […]