Knotty Ladies

Knotty Ladies Chair: Meridel Hedges – 541-830-0750

This group meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.

Knotty Ladies June Report

By Meridel Hedges | June 11, 2019

The Knotty Ladies recently took a field trip to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. EPWC’s own Annette Godfrey, a registered nurse who works in that unit, led the tour which included an in-depth look at the amazing equipment used in transporting and caring for these tiny babies. Annette… Read More.

Knotty Ladies April Report

By Meridel Hedges | April 6, 2019

The Knotty Ladies met at Lynn’s home on April 3. We welcomed guest Helen Hensley who shared several of her quilts including her current project a paper-pieced wall hanging with tiny pieces. We also welcomed Betty’s return from her winter in Arizona. It’s good to have her back in the fold. The group is winding… Read More.

Knotty Ladies March report

By Meridel Hedges | March 10, 2019

A core group of spirited quilters gathered at Dora’s home to finalize the design and begin assembling the dynamic blocks created by the members. All twelve blocks have been completed and the sashings and cornerstones have been cut. It is only a matter of time before this comfort quilt will be ready for quilting. As… Read More.

Knotty Ladies February report

By Meridel Hedges | February 12, 2019

The Knotty Ladies met at Dora’s home on February 6. Each came armed with her pattern and fabrics to share. There was a great deal of plotting and planning as we selected fabrics for our blocks and calculated how much we would need. Rotary cutters flew and soon there were stacks of fabric ready to… Read More.

Knotty Ladies January report

By Meridel Hedges | January 6, 2019

Carol hosted the January meeting of the Knotty Ladies. We set our calendar for 2019. The current donation project is a comfort quilt using Lynn’s pattern which includes a dozen 12 ½-inch blocks. Each quilter chose one block to start with. We will make a copy, front and back, of the instructions for our block… Read More.

Knotty Ladies September Report

By Meridel Hedges | September 16, 2018

Betty hosted the September 5 meeting of the Knotty Ladies. The group decided not to participate in the EPWC Members Market since our treasury seems to be adequate. It was announced that Carol Kuehnert and Linda Riddle have dropped their membership in EPWC making them ineligible to continue in the Knotty Ladies group. We will… Read More.

Knotty Ladies August report

By Meridel Hedges | August 9, 2018

The Knotty Ladies drove up to the Hedges Cabin for their annual quilting retreat on August 1. We began with a coffee cake and progressed to Show and Tell. Everyone quickly set up and began to work on their projects. We broke for lunch, a delicious array of salads and accompaniments. Immediately after lunch we… Read More.

April Meeting Report

By Meridel Hedges | April 7, 2018

The Knotty Ladies met at Maxine’s home on April 4. Dora reported that our treasury has had no deposits and no expenditures. The June Shop Hop and/or luncheon will be decided at the May meeting when our full membership may be present. Meridel will re-send the roster of members and meeting schedule since several members… Read More.

Knotty Ladies February Report

By Meridel Hedges | February 28, 2018

Dora hosted the February meeting of the Knotty Ladies in her usual over-the-top flair. We welcomed two guests, Lynn Baker and Bonnie Scriba. Both Lynn and Bonnie will become Knotty Ladies members. A former Knotty Lady, Marcia Liekkio, has been injured so we signed a get well card which Dora will mail to her. Our… Read More.

Knotty Ladies November Report

By Meridel Hedges | November 4, 2017

The Knotty Ladies gathered at Linda Riddle’s home for our November meeting. Maxine sent a $5 refund for each member who attended the October EPWC luncheon where there was not enough food to feed everyone. We reviewed our experience with the EPWC’s Members Market. We join other EPWC members in supporting the requirement that “The… Read More.

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