Carolyn Stieber

The book group enjoyed The Woman in the Window

By Carolyn Stieber | July 25, 2019

We met in July at Carolyn Steiber’s home to discuss the well-written book, ‘The Woman in the Window’ by Dan Mallory AKA A.J. Finn. The author clearly takes a nod at the more diabolical elements of Hitchcock movies with some of the ‘scenes’. The protagonist Anna, is housebound but observes the troubling behaviors of the […]

Book Group

By Carolyn Stieber | February 24, 2018

We met on February 14th to discuss the book “Still Alice”. This is a fictional story about a well educated woman who suffers a progressive decline into dementia/ Alzheimer’s. The author Lisa Genova wrote the story to help readers obtain an understanding of the disease and the importance and value of family support.

September Culinary meeting

By Carolyn Stieber | September 24, 2015

Mary Gorczewski and Ruth Jenks hosted an elegant September meeting of the Culinary group luncheon using Chef Anne Burrell’s cook book, Cook Like A Rock Star. We sampled a tasty sugar snap pea salad with roasted beets, risotto, braised chicken thighs, stuffed cabbage and stewed zucchini. We were treated to a dessert of lemon curd […]

August book group

By Carolyn Stieber | August 13, 2015

The EPWC book group discussed Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende at their August meeting. The story takes place in Chile and in the gold rush areas of California in the mid 1800 hundreds. Allende is a skilled writer who uses ‘romantic fantasy’ and well researched material to tell her story that takes us from […]

German Culinary Event!

By Carolyn Stieber | June 11, 2015

What a lovely time we had at the EPWC German Culinary event planned and produced by Janice Kabel and Susan Orr. Janice hosted us in her gracious home with German music in the background. We sampled four kinds of German sausages with a tasty beer, had soup, salads, several main courses and three desserts! Thank […]

The Last Spymaster by Gayle Lynds

By Carolyn Stieber | June 10, 2015

The Last Spymaster by Gayle Lynds The book group enjoyed a lively discussion of The Last Spymaster, a story about espionage, CIA clandestine services, and the undercover people who ferret out the bad guys around the world! This is a classic espionage thriller that strikes a balance between the lives of the characters in the […]

June 17 luncheon meeting

By Carolyn Stieber | May 12, 2015

The June program for the Eagle Point Women’s Club will include a musical interlude performed by Richard Gyuro and the installation of new board members. The 11:00 program begins after the 10:00 business meeting

Culinary hosts for 2015

By Carolyn Stieber | March 21, 2015

April 9, Carolyn Stieber, June 11, Janice Kabel, August 13, Mary Gorezewski, October 8 open/available, December 10, Viki Browwn

April Luncheon program

By Carolyn Stieber | March 20, 2015

The April 15 business meeting at the Rogue Country Club starts at 10:00 AM and is followed by the program that will feature wildlife forensics Geneticist Dyan Straughan from the World Forensic Crime Lab in Ashland. She will describe what a full service crime lab does and how the work has evolved in the last […]

Culinary Arts planning meeting!

By Carolyn Stieber | March 12, 2015

New meeting schedule: Thursday April 9, noon. Chinese dishes, Carolyn Stieber’s home June, Thursday 11, German dishes, Janice Kabel, August, Thursday 13, Mary Gorezewski, October, Thursday 8, menu and hostess undecided!

Culinary Arts planning meeting

By Carolyn Stieber | January 4, 2015

A planning meeting for the the Culinary Arts group will be on Thursday, March 12, 10:00 AM at Carolyn Stieber’s home. To be included in the plans for the six meetings, and if you are interested in participating in this group, you are urged to attend. The recent shift in the focus of the EPWC […]

A culinary tour of Mexico

By Carolyn Stieber | December 28, 2014

Culinary Arts On Thursday, December 11, the members of the Culinary Arts group met at Viki Brown’s home. Betsy Hase co-hosted a culinary tour of Mexico that was inspired by Diana Kennedy’s book, The Art of Mexican Cooking. We sampled a variety of tasty dishes from recipes that Viki and Betsy had selected and distributed […]

Culinary Arts

By Carolyn Stieber | September 19, 2014

Marsha Liekkio hosted the September Culinary Arts cookbook meeting that featured the tasty dishes created from The Art of Simple Food II by Alice Waters. We sampled different dishes from the same source. By tasting a sample of the dishes that were included in the cookbook luncheon, we can decide, without making it first, if […]

Culinary cookbook group

By Carolyn Stieber | August 15, 2014

We met at Carolyn Stieber’s to taste a variety of salads created using recipes from the cookbook Salads as a Meal by Patricia Wells. This cookbook provided a very interesting variety of salads and flavors. We also planned the September 11 meeting that will be held at Marsha Liekkio’s. At the September meeting we will […]

Culinary Arts Date Change

By Carolyn Stieber | July 8, 2014

Date change! The October 9th event has been changed to September 11th. More details to come.

Culinary Arts

By Carolyn Stieber | June 28, 2014

EPWC Culinary Arts Cook Book group guidelines , When you are going to host, select a cookbook whose author is an authority on culinary processes, has cooking experience and food preparation skills. By referring to well written cookbooks we can learn more about selected topics, varieties of foods and a variety of ethnic dishes. It […]

August Luncheon Program

By Carolyn Stieber | June 21, 2014

The August 20th EPWC program is going to be a “Members Market“. EPWC members who make/create items for sale or who have a service they want to tell people about are invited to participate. Each entrant will be provided a table to display their items or information about their service. The table fee is $10.00. […]

Culinary Arts

By Carolyn Stieber | June 13, 2014

EPWC Culinary NEWS! Participants in the EPWC Culinary Arts are going to learn more about foods and increase their cooking skills by referring to the work of food experts who have written cookbooks. Today cookbooks offer an abundance of information about food preparation techniques and tips that will enhance our dishes. We are going to […]

June Luncheon Program

By Carolyn Stieber | May 10, 2014

On June 18th the Eagle Point Women’s Club program will feature Shirley Patton. She has been a member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Company for 30 seasons. She and her late husband Bill, were instrumental in the early successes of the Ashland Shakespeare Theater. She also has enjoyed performing at Southern Oregon University as a […]

Singing group

By Carolyn Stieber | May 9, 2014

Do you like to sing? If so, you can join our group of singers who will be preparing to lead us in Christmas song at our December meeting. If you can play the piano, please let us know!! This commitment is just through December unless participants want to continue. Watch for the date of our […]

Asian Culinary tour!

By Carolyn Stieber | May 1, 2014

Janice Kabel and Kathy Lystra provided a virtural tour of food, culture and life styes of Asia. We learned that the people in Japan enjoy foods in a different manner than the people who live in other parts of Asia. We learned how to fold a cloth napkin to resemble a flower, learned how to […]

Culianry Arts Sushi tasting

By Carolyn Stieber | April 11, 2014

Culianry Arts members Betsy Hase and Sue Tschol provided a delightful culinary afternoon in Betsy’s comfortable hillside home. Sue provided information about the history of ‘sushi’ and the development of the “California Sushi”. Betsy provided a hands-on lesson/demonstration using “nori seaweed”, sushi rice and prepared ingredients. Each of us created our own sushi using foods […]

Culinary…California Sushi

By Carolyn Stieber | March 31, 2014

California Sushi What is that? Sushi made with cooked fish and vegetables When: On Thursday, April 10 at noon Where: Betsy Hase’s home, 808 Brentwood Why? To learn how to make creative appetizers, snacks and side dishes using sushi methods. Sue and Betsy are expert Sushi makers! We will get to watch the demonstrations as […]

April Luncheon

By Carolyn Stieber | March 13, 2014

April special! The Eagle Point Women’s Club luncheon will be $15.00 for the April meeting. Plan to attend the April 16 luncheon meeting of the Eagle Point Women’s Club to learn more about the history of Eagle Point and have a tasty lunch. The program will be “Almost a Great Notion: Ben Halladay’s Railroad Through […]

Program for April Luncheon meeting

By Carolyn Stieber | March 8, 2014

Historian Larry Mullaly will be telling us how Eagle Point almost became a principal city in Southern Oregon because a wealthy stagecoach and shipping magnate, Ben Holladay, had included Eagle Point in his plans for the Oregon and Califonia Railroad.

Culinary Arts Jacque Pepin event

By Carolyn Stieber | March 8, 2014

Members of the Culinary Arts group met at Marsha Liekkio’s comfortable home on Friday, March 7. We shared tasty food that ranged from starters to dessert. All of the dishes were prepared using recipes from Jacque Pepin’s cookbooks and on-line resources. We all commented about the ease of preparing his recipes and the fact that […]

Jacques Pepin!

By Carolyn Stieber | January 30, 2014

EPWC Culinary event: A Taste of Jacques Pepin When: On Friday, March 7th, noon Where: Marsha Liekkio’s home 179 Bellerive Dr. Why: To enjoy the culinary skills of Jacques Pepin Who: Jan Griffin and Marsha Liekkio are the hosts Respond to Marsha, by February 24. 541-826-2613 or to get your name on the list. […]

Culinary Arts trip to Scotland!

By Carolyn Stieber | January 25, 2014

The Culinary Arts members met at the home of Ruth Jenk’s to take a virtual trip to Scotland. First, we learned about the geography of Scotland, then the social, economic, and political history of the country. Culinary members who have visited Scotland shared their impressions and experiences. We then learned about the variety of foods […]

Winter Culinary schedule

By Carolyn Stieber | December 6, 2013

On January 21st Ruth Jenks is hosting a Scottish Foods event in her home at 1:00 PM. You can sign up for the event at the Luncheon or call Ruth to add your name to the guest list. On February 14 Maggie Webster will be treating us to a shortbread demonstration and tasting at Kathy […]

December Luncheon program

By Carolyn Stieber | October 21, 2013

The December 11 luncheon program will feature the holiday music performed by the “Tintinnabulations”. They are a local group of musicians who perform for a variety of events using bells as their musical instruments. They have an outstanding reputation for providing quality performances. The deadline for December 11 luncheon reservation is Monday December 2 . […]